Cutting Board Care Set + Charcuterie Board

Cutting Board Care Set + Charcuterie Board

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Many people have never experienced the enjoyment and satisfaction of watching the natural color of wood "pop" before their eyes as the first coat of oil is applied to an unfinished piece of wood. 

With this set, you can give that gift to yourself of someone you love!

After many requests, we have decided to pair our complete cutting board care set, with a handcrafted Roostmade charcuterie board.

The Roostmade Petite Charcuterie Board is made from solid black walnut, a prized american hardwood with a deep rich brown color. This board usually retails for $44.99, but is sold at a $10 discount in this package!

This package set also comes with the Roostmade Cutting Board Care Set, our best selling complete kit of all the things you need to keep any cutting board or charcuterie board maintained for life.

This package is a limited time offer and will not be a permanent item in our collection, so act now!