We make all-natural and organic products to maintain and take care of cutting boards, or salad bowls, or wood items that come into contact with food. Our products also make a great finish for woodworking projects, but we think our purpose is more than just making a good wood finish. 

I started woodworking as a kid in my garage, and over the years my passion for building and designing and creating has stayed with me. I'm that guy who has asked for a tool, for every birthday and christmas present since I was about 14 years old, and now I've got a small woodshop in the garage and you'll find me spending my free time making noise and dust out there.

I'm a little nerdy in my woodworking hobby and over the years I've spent countless hours reading about and experimenting with every wood finish imaginable, everything from mineral oil to tung oil, to polyurethane, to the japanese Shou Sugi Ban method, to fiberglass and epoxy resin I've tried them all. I have a passion for creating furniture for friends and my family. My personal style is modern-rustic-industrial style furniture. Here's an example of what I like to build, this is our dining room table, bench, and light fixture I created.

When one of my best friends was getting married last year, I made him a charcuterie board from a tree I had salvaged about 9 months prior, and when I was finishing this gorgeous piece of wood, I realized that something this special, needed a really special and food-safe finish, something better than the traditional way of simply using petroleum based mineral oil. So I scoured the internet to find an all natural and organic, food-safe wood finish, and I couldn't find anything. So in true maker-fashion, I decided to make one myself. Here was the result.

I then spent months perfecting my recipe and researching scientific and historical documents to see how the masters from centuries ago created their own finishes, and all of this lead to me launching Roostmade.

Let me tell you a little about what Roostmade stands for.

I think we have strayed a little too far from some of the best things that make us human.

When was the last time you ran your hands along something truly natural, not a thin veneer of something natural, not something laced with harsh chemicals, not built in a sweatshop, but something from the earth, something that you built yourself from the elements of your local landscape?

Many of us have given up the set of skills it takes to do this. Outsourcing the building of our goods has its benefits, but unfortunately the convenience has disconnected us from who we are, and we’ve lost sight of how to build, we’ve lost sight of the value of craftsmanship. 

I want to resist that. This is why I created Roostmade.

The home is your sacred space. Be intentional with the goods you bring into it.

There is a deep sense of pride and contentment that comes from gathering in your home, with your loved ones around a product you built yourself. Especially when we put our phones and distractions away, and we choose to be present with each other. This is what I want more of.

Reconnecting with your humanity also means reconnecting with nature, and developing a deep respect for our earth. This is why Roostmade products have natural and organic ingredients when our competitors don’t, and this is why for every product we sell, three trees are planted in parts of the world most significantly impacted by deforestation. This isn’t just a marketing tool, this is a demonstration of our commitment to our values.

I want to help you find a deep sense of contentment. To simply be, and to be, simply. I believe that the more time we spend creating and making, being present, breathing, enjoying nature, moving our bodies, and connecting with each other, the closer we will be to more fulfilled human beings, and the more content we will feel.

These are my personal values, and the ethos that guides me. Roostmade is just as much an extension of me, as it simply is me.

This is what I believe, this is Roostmade.


 David Roost


Our Ethos: