Video Case Study: The Roostmade Cutting Board Care Set

Webby Video Submission:

The Roostmade Cutting Board Care Set - 1 Minute Explainer

The Video:

Video Goals:

  • Create The Need. Show audience what happens when a cutting board is not properly maintained and why that is a no no.
  • Demonstrate. Show audience how to prevent this problem, by demonstrating how easy it is to use Roostmade products.
  • Convert. Compel the audience to buy the product.
  • Entertain. Accomplish the above goals while doing it in a way that is authentic, fun, charming, and lighthearted and beautifully shot.

 About The Video:

Roostmade Co. is a one man operation, a micro business, this shot this video in the Roostmade workshop (a 2 car garage + woodworking shop + manufacturing facility of all Roostmade organic wood finish products + photo/video studio).

Founder David Roost cleared out half of the workshop, built the set seen in the video on wheels so it could be rolled into position, and used basic cameras and household lights to create this video.

 Creative Challenge:

If you only have 60 seconds, how on earth are you supposed to:
  • Catch the audience's attention quickly.
  • Present a problem the audience didn't know they had.
  • Offer a solution to this problem which is a product we're selling.
  • Demonstrate how to use this product they have never heard of.
  • Do all of this while making it fun, and beautiful, and authentic, entertaining, and charming.
  • Provide an easy to understand video, knowing that the viewer is probably on their phone, and won't have the sound turned on, and their attention span is very short.
  • Compel the audience to buy the product and convert sales.
After 6 months of thinking about this video, brainstorming and working hard to figure out the way to accomplish these goals, one night, while falling asleep in bed, founder David Roost was struck by inspiration like a bolt of lightning. He instantly woke up, and started writing. Without questioning this inspiration, he let it all flow through him as he frantically wrote out, shot-by-shot, the entire video while laying in bed in the dark. Five days later, this video was complete and was shared with the world.
Roostmade invented the concept of “Organic Wood Finish”, it’s a new concept, foreign to many people who aren’t woodworkers, and the idea of why one needs to keep a wood cutting board oiled and maintained to protect it, is still an idea that many people don’t fully understand, this video set out to change that perception.



This video was shot and edited to have a square aspect ratio as it was designed to be viewed on a mobile device, and published on social media platforms. This video was designed to be just as compelling if the viewer has the sound turned on or not.

Who Made This Video:

  • David Roost (Founder and sole proprietor of Roostmade Co.)
    • Writing, directing, concept, filming, lighting, set building, props, editing, graphics, animation, art direction, production, etc.
  • Steve Kenyon: (David’s best friend)
    • Acting
  • Cooper Roost: (David’s other best friend)
    • A 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, he offered moral support for this video in the form of giving us lots of licks and sleeping in the corner.

Fun Side Note About The Video:

While all aspects of this video were created by David Roost, he couldn’t film and direct and be in the video at the same time, so he reached out to his long time best friend Steve. 

On the morning of the video shoot, Steve's girlfriend of 4 years broke up with him leaving him completely broken hearted. Considering the circumstances, Steve’s ability to show up, and act his heart out for this video is especially impressive.

Video Results:

This video was posted on Facebook and Instagram, and immediately developed a strong engagement right from the start. A paid ad promotion for a few short days, as well as shares and engagements from followers helped this video convert many orders of the product.

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Behind The Scenes

Here's a little video look behind the scenes on the day we filmed!

About Roostmade:

Here's a little information about what we stand for at Roostmade Co.