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Organic Cutting Board Care Set

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When it comes to taking care of your cutting board, are you a little lost or unsure of how to do it? This is the set for you. Everything you need in one box to keep your cutting board looking great for a very long time!


The ultimate set complete with everything you need to protect your wooden cutting board so it will last longer, repel water and stains, prevent cracks and deter bacteria growth.

If its a wood item in the kitchen and it interacts with food, our organic wood care products in this set are perfect to keep them maintained and protected, this set isn't just meant for cutting boards, but can be used on Charcuterie Boards, Butcher Block Counters, Salad Bowls, Wooden Utensils, etc. 

Roostmade Co. makes the first and only all-natural, organic wood finish, our unique blend of oils and waxes is the absolute ideal way to keep your cutting board looking perfect, and protected from splitting or cracking. 

Neglected cutting boards will absorb water and stains, dry out, crack and split over time. Many people aren't aware that cutting boards need regular oiling to prevent this, and most products out there to help with this are loaded with petroleum and chemicals, which is neither natural, or good for the environment.


This set includes:

  • Roostmade premium organic wood oil - This oil penetrates deep into the pores of the wood to nourish the wood and prevent cracking or splitting.
  • Roostmade premium organic wood wax - This wax creates a silky smooth protective barrier to repel water and stains on your board.
  • Organic cotton round pads for applying and buffing of the oil and wax.
  • Roostmade Coconut Scrubber - This dish scrubber will clean the stubborn crud off of your cutting board while not scratching the surface. This scrubber is made with zero plastic, the bristles are made from the husks of coconuts and the handle from sustainably sourced timbers.
    perfect to use with warm soap and water to gently clean your cutting board.
  • Fine grit sanding sponge - Over time, the wood grain of cutting boards can raise and feel rough to the touch, simply rub this fine sanding sponge over your board to leave it feeling smooth, then wash and reuse this sanding sponge again.
  • How To Revitalize A Neglected Cutting Board and Keep It Maintained Forever. The definitive authority on how to care for your cutting board, including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to care for, clean, sanitize, and treat your cutting board the right way so that it stays looking great forever. 

Upon purchase of this set, three trees will be planted and maintained through maturity, to fight global deforestation.


Ingredients of organic oil and organic wax: organic beeswax, organic carnauba wax, organic walnut oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic wild orange essential oil.

Contains Highly Refined Organic Walnut Oil. For allergy concerns, visit our FAQ page.

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Cory S.
United States United States

This is not my first purchase from Roostmade and will definitely not be my last. (In fact, I wish I could just set up an auto-delivery plan.) I love their products so much: perfect conditioner for all of my wood products (table tops, cutting boards, pepper far); earth friendly, organic ingredients; and earth conscious company (plants trees for each purchase made). LOVE THEM!!!!

Hazel J.
United States United States
I am a 4 time purchaser in the last couple of months.

I saw this oil being used on the Rachel Ray show. She and a "wood" artist were giving great reviews. Well they gave great reviews because this product is incredible! I am giving 3 of the kits as Christmas presents. I have used the oil on cutting boards, cheese boards, knife holder, walnut bowl, etc.. They look fabulous because the wood grain "pops" with color now.

Katie S.
United States United States
Incredible product; our cutting boards are beeeeeautiful!

We used this kit on a brand new board, two new-ish boards that had received some oil treatments, and an ancient board that had never been treated. All three look fantastic! The only thing I wish had come with would've been two sanders (so you can wash one and use the other one while it's drying), but hey, sandpaper's easy to buy. The oil and wax in this kit are amazing, and a little goes such a long way. After doing all four, we still have like 5/6 of a bottle! Recommended to my in laws. P.S. the packing peanuts are made of corn. Just in case you're like me and don't read your packing slip and wonder why such a responsible company would use packing peanuts. Well, it's because they're responsible packing peanuts. :P

Alexander S.
United States United States
Amazing Products!!

We are very happy with our organic cutting board care set. Brought our old shabby looking cutting boards back to better than new! Highly recommend and plan on getting a few for gifts as well!

Nicole G.
United States United States
Essential for the kitchen

I am thrilled with this product. It is well packaged, comes with helpful instructions for how to use and arrived quickly. The wax and oil both smell lovely. An added bonus is that it moisturizes my dry hands. I used this not only on my cutting boards but also on my wooden spoons. The difference is amazing. I think the results speak for themselves. The oil and wax will last a long time. Highly recommend this product.