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Workshop Flag

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Cut from a different cloth.

When the world seems to have lost sight of the value of craftsmanship, you are proud to be different.

Roostmade exists for those devoted to the craft of well-made things, those seeking the feeling of contentment that comes from creating something yourself. Proudly fly this flag as a reminder of our collective spirit as makers, and may every project you set your sights on be a new adventure that elevates your creativity, liberates your spirit, and sets your soul on fire.


Hand cut and sewn from american made, natural non-dyed, 10oz cotton “duck” canvas. This fabric is constructed with a simple plainweave pattern of “over one, under one” resulting in a strong and hard-wearing yet soft textile. Each flag is made by hand, each has its own unique variations and character. Screen printed with water-based ink that contains no solvents or petroleum, heat treated to be washfast, and lovingly handmade in San Diego, Ca.

Flag Size: 12” x 18”



- 10oz Cotton Canvas, made in America, natural non-dyed

- Water based black ink

- No.2 Brass grommets
- Woven Roostmade label made from OEKO-TEX® containing 50% recycled yarn


Care Instructions:


Clean stains with regular detergent and water, spot/hand washing recommended, air dry suggested, never bleach. For harsh stains, machine washing is permissible, wash on cold with similar colors, air dry recommended, or tumble dry with no heat, fabric may shrink.